Friday, 27 January 2012

Moving goal posts

This year Mr No Spend & I have decided we would like a few days away.  We thought maybe going Dorset way & hire a cottage. To keep costs down we will see if my mum & sister want to come to.  Then that way we will have a base & can do all our meals at our base.  It will be lovely on the Jurasic coast & hopefully lots of walking will be done & beach combing & time spent on the beach.  We all need to decide on a date.  My sister will pay upfront & then we will pay our share.  Then its just a case of a some money for petrol & food. Before I know we are going I will search & find lots of free things to do.  Funding this little holiday will be my ebay sales so far £28.76 in the pot!. Need to get earning more!

Reflection Of Low Spend January
This month Hetty was purchased!. That was a big expenditure.  Over than that the biggest expenditure has been food.  Mr No Spend has done the food shopping & the food shop has been wonderfull. If anything the food budget was on the steep side.  We have bought blueberries & fruit in abundance & got through it all.  I would like less spent on food but then equally I love all the healthy stuff. Just do not mention the half peronni pizza I scoffed!.

Emergency Fund
The emergency fund is laying empty. The switch over to joint accounts has made everything up in the air & a few mix ups. Our joint account is overdrawn but then Mr No spends account was to start with.  I am going to use a Dave Ramsey baby step & aim for £500.00 in the emergency fund. It is a big bug bear of mine not to have a little emergency fund.  I guess as we have no savings either I would like a little to fall back on.  I know a lot of bloggers who probably earn more,but equally there a lot out there earning less who are very admired by me! with there thrifty ways etc. Bloggers who have turned things around out of debt.  
I would love to pay the mortgage of early. But once the cost of living is taken out it is not an option.    

Healthy Eating
Have really enjoyed all the healthy eating. Eating a lot fresher & healthier.  Need to fix those wanting something sweet cravings though! 

My Mind!
It was lovely to have the sun out a bit this week.  On Monday I will be going of for my appointment !. I will meet the person who I will be working with(poor person!). I spent some time with my neighbour  this week & we went to another town & she treated me to lunch out.  Did my little cleaning job to .
DD wound me up by prentending she had done something. I cannot tell the difference when my DD lies or tells the truth.  It was not funny & I told her that she was cruel to pretend that.
DD thought to tell me that she & 3 friends had stolen a car.  DD then thought to tell me she had drank & driven the car & been stopped by the police arrested, breathalised & then put in a cell overnight. Funny ? No I dont think so.  DD told the same to hubby who rang me from work & told me that he needed to go for a walk round the block after hearing the news.  Then DD texted me saying she was only joking. So not funny.  I then rang the foster mum & spoke to her who is a lovely lady( I feel a bit more at ease with her now I we have spoken more) Just to double check that DD was in her bed all night .  We had a long chat & she said that DD was a  walk in the park compared to some children she has looked after. It was lovely that she said DD was a real credit to us!.  After DD wind up it was hard to absorb that!. I did thank her for saying that. Slightly puzzled scratching my head thinking are we talking about the same girl!.  Still I guess sometimes they are always better for other people or other people just cope with things better

Anyway enough of my ramblings have a lovely weekend x x x



  1. baby steps as long as they are heading in the right direction then that is all that matters. My emergency fund of £500 seems peanuts to some, but to me it makes a huge difference.

  2. Definitely baby steps. I've just arranged to pay an extra £50 off the mortgage every month - a miniscule amount compared to some, but everyone's position is different, and I also put £120 into savings each month - it never lasts long because of the renovations, which is why I'm going to have to overdraw on my student account to pay my £204 dental bill. I am the working poor and I'm proud of the way that I cope with the cards I've been dealt - you should be too!

  3. Well done on what you have achieved. As everyone else has said, baby steps all the way.

    Enjoy your weekend hun.

    X x

  4. I think smaller goals are the way to go! You feel a sense of achievement & it encourages you to continue on to other goals as well! It sounds like you're doing great overall, keep it up!

  5. keep on with your goals you'll get there evenutally. Not very nice of your daughter to play that joke on you. Hope your appointment went well today.

    Karen x

  6. Just keep chipping away and you'll get there one day good luck xxx



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