Thursday, 12 January 2012

In the name of health!

I ended up in the supermarket last night as Ds is making fruit salad today in food tech at school. I ended up spending quite a bit ggrrh. I will say I am trying to eat for optimal nutrition to help myself feel less tired & help myself feel good. I think going through this low mood phase in my life. I want to do everything I can to help myself. Even Mr No Spend & DS have been having granola & blueberries for breakfast with me this week!. We have got through a lot.
Anyway my shopping list went something like this

  • orange juice 50p
  • orange juice 50p
  • pork chops £2.00
  • sproutstalk £1.00
  • jumbo porridge oats £1.28
  • asparagus £1.00
  • pak choi £1.00
  • dried fruit £1.12
  • baking paper £1.50
  • lemon tea 60p
  • cheese £1.00
  • samphire £1.32(never eaten this before is some sort of coastal growing moss!)
  • cucumber 80p
  • dried fruit £1.12
  • aubergine 75p
  • green pepper 72p
  • mackeral £1.00
  • Sardines 84p
  • skincare £1.80
  • bathfoam 84p
  • sardine paste 43p
  • reduced carrots 10p
  • soy sauce 58p
  • linseed 90p
  • almonds £1.41
  • cous cous 68p
  • kidney beans44p
  • spring greens£1.00
  • blueberries £2.00
  • seeds 67p
  • rhubarb rachels organic yogurt £1.20
  • reduced rolls 20p
  • spice jars£2.00
  • glass kilner jar £1.45
  • strawberries £1.00
In total I spent £37.41.!.  I bought some glass spice jars to decant my seeds into. Also I am making granola today!
Earlier on in the week I bought some granola from M&S it was lovely. I decided to make my own. I used this recipe but tweaked it a bit I was quite generous with the mixed fruit & seeds. I have a bowl in the morning with a handful of blueberries thrown on.  It is an initial outlay buying the seeds & fruit. I have loads of ingredients left to make more. I crushed a tiny dark chocolate bar into the mix as well.  I have to report it is much more delicious than M&S granola! Much more seedy & fruity!. It is also nice sprinkled on to yogurt .  I took my lovely neighbour a bag of it enough for a breakfast!. Luckily when I visited her she had not been up long at 11 0 clock!. So she had it for her breakfast & loved it.  We are going to have a granola making session soon !  
In an attempt to eat better & more healthily I have found I have really enjoyed my food more. I do not feel as bloated round my tummy either.
Lots of this is being eaten oatcakes,humous,celery.  Tomorrow I am going to try pak choi ( I have never eaten this before.  For my dinner tonight I had sardines,spring greens, carrots & new potatoes. Followed by DS beautiful fruit salad.
Most of my No Spend Challenge is going on food!.  
I did tai chi on wednesday morning.  I was having a bit of a low day & went with my mum to this once monthly craft group we go to. I did not want to go as I just felt unmotivated,tired & miserable!. When we got to craft group they happened to running a tai chi group in the other room.  I told the craft group I was defecting to Tai chi! as I wanted to try it out!.  Tai chi was very gentle a bit like a long warm up. If anything it loosened me up & made me feel a bit brighter.
I will catch up with bloggy reading soon. I am a bit behind with everything lately
take care x x


  1. Would love to do tai chi! Did a tiny bit in China and love it!

    Sft x

  2. Looks like your eating very healthy, well done. I managed to only spend £4 in telco today, I was well pleased and that was just on bread flour.

    We watched them do Tai Chi in Hong Kong in the park. It looked so graceful.

    X x

  3. I was at Tai Chi earlier this evening...& we have similar aims too! Am off to read some of your other posts now!

  4. Hi I'm Sammyleia. I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog through Sft's blog and I'm really enjoying it. I've only had a blog for a few months. I started it hoping it would help me curb my spending. I'm an Aussie who is hoping to move to the U.K. in a few years. (Btw I've done the CBT course and found it worthwhile).



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