Saturday, 7 January 2012

Filling in forms

Yesterday Mr No Spend printed out the forms for us to have a joint bank account. We thought we would try & do it without having to go in to the branch to do it.  Seeing as it is at his existing bank anyway.  We hope we have filled it all in ok. As with these things there always seems to be some sort of problem a bit like those passport forms, we all know!.
It will be a bit different for us both sharing the one bank account!.  I think Mr No Spend may be secretly a bit worried as there is no hiding from me now!.  The way I see it is that it will have lots of positive benefits
  • The fact that all money will be in one account.
  • It will be easier to handle
  • It will be more of a joint effort
  • A main one will be for as long as I remember. Mr No Spend has always been overdrawn.  Not through wastefullness. Just through chasing his tail trying to make ends meet. Hopefully now things are pooled in one place
I am still playing round with numbers & figures trying to sort a budget out to stick to.That makes allowances for different things.
I am determind to get that emergency fund up & running as it is at zero again gggrrrhhh!

check this link out & you can get a free walking pedometer. Great for our pounds of the soft variety !


  1. Communication is the key with a joint account.

    Sft x

  2. Thank you for your birthday wishes.
    Good luck with your goals for this year.
    I think you are wise to speak to someone about your depression & anxiety. Speaking from experience, if your mind isn't right, it will affect everything else.
    With you daughter, I sympathise as I went through a difficult time with my son throughout his teens and I had to learn to"be cruel to be kind" and to stand my ground with him. it was so hard & I cried for hours,but we got through it eventually.
    Take care

  3. We have only joint accounts ,and it works really I have to tell you the sneaky thing...when I have some extra that comes my way via delivering pamphlets(I am a postie and sometimes businesses ask us to do that with the mail and sometimes (not often) they pay us) and if there is any money left from shopping etc I squirrel it,I have a wallet put away safe and it all goes in there,otherwise it would just disappear into household costs.My mum lives with us and gives me some towards the home but I do not put it in the bank,Mum has been here for 3 years now and I have hidden $3,000 that Bob does not know of.It is not a bad thing it is a surprise for him when we retire,he knows I may have maybe $50 or so but if I put it in the bank with the other day to day money it would just go.Or he would find a tool he cannot live without,my Grandmother always told me to make sure I had some "pin money" so when you get paid if it is in cash just keep a small amount out and declare the rest to hubby,it is ok it is a way you can get that little something you want or need , I know honesty is best above all but if it is hard to get hubby to give you some when you need it,this is the way to go and as the banks here give no interest unless you have big amounts of money it is just as safe under the mattress or wherever you choose.



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