Friday, 6 January 2012

Busy Day

As you can see I have had a very busy morning!. Lots of changing things around. I am hoping that now all the direct debits & everything are coming out of one pot. I can keep a tighter reign on things. Mr No Spend is ok with money.But there is a lot of room for improvement. Not in the way of being wasteful but in the way of not keeping track of things. I think I/we have both lots of room for improvement!
As I am switching to a joint account with Mr No Spend. I had to use my emergency fund to clear my overdraft & to pay the Swinton car insurance till April & the buildings insurance. So pot empty! again.
Mr No Spends account is overdrawn by about £400.00 as well. This is first on my hit list! I will be keeping a tight reign on our finances now they are entwined!. I want to make things better for us.
2012 is going to be a year of change. I know Mr No Spend gets fed up with being overdrawn & chasing his tail. So hopefully if we can become better managers of our money together

  • Rang tax credits & gave them Mr No Spends bank details

  • rang child benefit get them to pay it into Mr No Spends

  • Gas & electricity sending me a mandate to set up payments to come out of Mr no spends

  • New gas amount monthly £42.00 Electricity £37.00 month gas (based on yearly usage)

  • Rang life insurance & will come out of Mr No Spends account (will send mandate first)

  • Rang buildings insurance policy & paid up as it finishes in February. I did not realise i was paying 91 pence a month for the privlige of paying by direct debit!. They will send me a new quote out before my policy ends & if I like it I sign. Being a money saver of course I will scout about for a better deal!. Currently it is £8.31 a month.

  • Rang Swinton car insurance. Paid £83.73 in full up till April. Found out that for the privlige of paying by direct debit last year it cost me £46.00 extra.

  • I got my repeat smear test letter through as I had an abnormal one. I rang up straight away to make an appointment & she said can you come in today at 5.10!. I thought may as well get it over & done with.  No one likes the dreaded smear test.  I do not like things hanging over me.

    On another note I have rang up & have made an appointment next Friday to go & talk to someone. First appointment is for a consultation.  I am hoping to have cbt cognitive therapy.   I have always frowned on things like this?.  I guess though if you have a physical trauma you fix it, wether it be a broken leg etc.  I need fixing emotionally.  I do suffer from anxiety on a daily basis & low mood.  Dont get me wrong I am not walking around looking miserable, but there is a sadness inside me, a helplessness.  A feeling that I cannot cope with things, that I am fragile.  I want to get strong again.  Each thing that has happened with DD has just been continuous for a long time.  Most people could probably cope with odd things but a constant bombardment one after the other is harder.
    It funny I want to work but when I do I am so tense. I want to contribute more in all ways.   
    Thank you all for your budget advise & ideas to. You are all great x
    Be back later ! x x


    1. You are doing brilliantly with your list MNS!

      Nothing wrong with a bit of cognitive therapy.

      Sft x

    2. My cardiac nurse recommended that I see a psychologist, as she told me I was heading for an early grave due to stress - not a good thing to have combined with high blood pressure and a heart condition! She actually referred me and it was probably the thing that helped me the most. Having someone unrelated and unaffected by my talking/decisions to talk to was priceless- someone who could ask the right questions to make me think more clearly.My psychologist was very good at her job- she specialised in psychology related to illness- I used to come out of her room feeling so much better. It's obviously good to talk - to the right person! I hope you're as lucky and it helps you as much.



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