Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Changing what I eat...

Yesterday evening I popped in to M&S near where I live. As you know I am embarking/trying to eat healthier. Even though last week was a bit of a biscuit blip. Not to mention the 2lbs I gained ggrrhhh.  I did expect it though as last weeks diet was not exactly 100% brilliant.
When In M&S I bought

  • Pumpkin seeds 79p
  • houmous £1.00
  • Rich dark chocolate (mini treat bars but good old dark chocolate) £1.99
  • oatcakes 85p
  • tiny brie 40p
  • peanut butter £1.12
  • sugar 92p( still need one in my tea!)
  • blueberry smoothie 50p (son for breakfast
  • 2 mini fruit salads £1.00 for both (50p each)
  • granola breakfast cereal ( 100% beautiful tasting!) £2.19
  • 2 diet florida drinks £1.50(son & hubby)
  • 2 baby cabbages 50p
  • Blueberries £1.99
  • wholegrain bagels 80p
I bought these things as I wanted to have some snacky healthy bits. I know M&S is not the cheapest place to buy things. It is very nice though!. I am used to yellow label whoopsies. I guess I want to eat more healthy superfoods. I want to lose weight, but also feel good in the process. Shopping would maybe come to more. But I do like real food so much more(says hanging head in shame at last weeks biscuit memories scoff scoff scoff!.  I would like to be a bit more adventurous in what we eat.  Mr No Spend had a bowl of granola with blueberries this morning( he asked for some!!). He has got a cheek though as he usually calls my shopping bits rabbit food. Master No Spend is chomping through kiwi fruits which is good.

A while back I bought this book in the one pound shop the title appealed to me!. I think it was the appeal of just 4 ingredients & the variety of ideas.
I would like to eat as healthy as possible as a family. We have great room for improvement all round.  It will be interesting to see how it works with relation to food budget.
I ate really healthy yesterday. I do keep a food diary which you can find if you want to take a peek.
How is your healthy eating going ?

As far as No spends going. I have not been spending any apart from on food but Mr No spend went & bought food and did not keep receipts ggrrhhh!.


  1. Hi Mrs No Spend, well done on the healthy eating. I was going to start yesterday but I still have some food stuff I want to use up. Hopefully I shall get on track next week when I'm rid of everything. Hope all's well.

    Karen x

  2. It is easier in theory thats for sure lol but when I go to work I take 2 pieces of fruit and 10 almonds,weight watchers say that 10 almonds are 1 1/2 points I think and they are good protein,where as I used to take a packet of chips and maybe a bar of some kind. I am back home for lunch so that is easy either a shake or crackers with light cheese and tomato in summer.I drive for almost 3 hours so I need snacks that I can eat whilst going along.
    I think the other thing is that by eating careful most of the day,you can have almost anything you like at night just a smaller portion,we use no fat for cooking at all anymore,everything dry baked and we have gotten to really like it this way.Everyone finds their little ways but even if you can loose a few grams a week,slowly,is the best if you loose weight too fast it seems to come back!!

  3. I've still been finishing all the food from over the new year period. That said other than yummy home made break and sponge every thing has been none too fattening. I have tried to eat smaller portions. But I too have long car journeys. A 4 hour round trip most days and then I sit on my bottom most of the day! Not good. The exercise route is next to get the kick start!

    X x



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