Monday, 2 January 2012

Its not raining....

I hope everyone had a nice new years day.  I cannot believe how much it rained yesterday, it did not stop.
January 1st - Spent £1.40 on milk
January 2nd- No Spend day hooray !!
I just added the above article as it makes good reading.
As it was lovely & sunny this afternoon. I thought right lets make the most of it.  Mr & Master No Spend had gone of to watch a football game.  I walked 2 miles to get to this greenery!.  I walked briskly & I also sat on a park bench in a beam of sunlight!.  Getting my vitemin D.  I took in all the fresh air & breathed it all in deep breathing.  It is so therapeutic greenery, fresh air & sun.  After about 10 minutes by bottom was getting a bit numb!. I then walked the 2 miles home quite briskly.  
This little cabinet is one I bought a few years back. I painted it & distressed it.  I thought I would show you it, as it is my work station where I put my things. In the silver tin at the bottom I have all my birthday cards & christmas cards.  My money folder on the bottom shelf. There is a bit of a theme in my home. That being the colour white. I like the colour white as to me it represents calmness & peace!.  Also I like the sea & the sea shore.  I also have a small filing cabinet which is very organised , it helps me to be as well 
When you open the bureau is has things like 
Gift tag hole punch
mini spending diary
card readers x 2 (internet banking)
pot of staples & elastic bands
post its
mini change purse
note books & local whats on leaflets

My mum got me this lovely diary for christmas. I use my filofax mainly.  While reading another blog they mentioned keeping a journal. I think one or two of you suggested that to me as well.  I am going to keep a journal of my thoughts & feelings. Things I want to do. I pretty much do that here to.  But perhaps it will help to write it down. I only get a little paragraph on each page so thats plenty!
 Remember those mugs I ordered last year for £2.00 each with free postage & packing.  Look at the packaging.  I flattened down all the brown paper to keep for ebay wrapping! What frugal things do you do to?!. I hope all your No spend January is going ok. Lets keep each other motivated!
x x x Take care all


  1. oh i always keep my packaging to re use when i sell things i really begrudge buying boxes! Luckily my work has a re cycling skip where i can steal the boxes and bubble wrap from the boxes of cones and crockery etc!

  2. What a lovely little desk and it looks wonderful,it made me think it is time I tidied mine up and got it looking pretty too.....I forgot to mention that I have in my journal pictures that make me feel lovely,warm kitchens,a bunch of flowers ,a little saying that is printed,things like that as some days it gets beyond you to actually write and as you look back through those little pictures will bring you warmth,peace and calm.I look for them in old magazines from the op shop,all my pics funilly enough are British,as an Aussie I think the blood of our English ancestors flows very strong as when I went to the Uk my heart called out "home" how strange is I am not nutty lol just sounds like it..I pray that for you above most blogs I read that you have a wonderful peaceful 2012,the rest will take care of itself.xx

  3. A brilliant post, and I have saved the article about diet and stress as a word document. I will read this carefully and see if it will help me to lose weight.

    Well done for going on such a long walk today! The green space you walked to looks lovely x

  4. I keep all my packaging too, it always comes in handy!

  5. I kept a journal two years ago when I was going through a crappy patch with a relative. It allowed me to 'vent' my feelings without vocalising them ( that sounds very deep doesnt it !! ) but it worked for me.

  6. Great pictures from you walk. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm keeping a spending journal! LOL! And recording it on my blog.

    The only other journal I tend to keep is when I travel.

    Your work station is gorgeous. What a lovely job you've done with it.

    I keep all packaging too.

    Off to read the article now.

    Sft x

  7. Love the cabinet! It's nice to have something pretty and stylish that's practical too! I told all our friends to keep their old wrapping stuff/bubble wrap/boxes etc for me - only problem now is where to store it!



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