Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I thought this picture was appropiate to me at the moment!.  I did not intend to be so sporadic in my blog posts.  My Januuary No Spend whet slightly pear shaped  due to a new addition to the family!. No not that, this!. This is Hetty she has been very naughty & gobbled up my hairband!.  Hetty cost £109.00(phew). I ummed & ummed. My previous cheaper hoovers both went to the hoover yard. I read reviews on Hetty and they were glowing. I must stay she does the job well & quietly to.  Then I went & bought a new bag from Asda as my bag was driving me insane ,where I could not find anything & bits were getting lost in the torn lining that I already repaired once!.  Food budget has be blown out the water!.  I must admit I am enjoying all the healthy stuff. Do not mention the Lindt Sea salt chocolate which is lovely, but not so that you eat a whole bar go to bed wake up in the night feeling really crook and then go and sit by the toilet with your head down it.  Serves me right really for being so darn greedy!.Apart from that I have been super good on eating healthy!.   
As you know Me & Mr No Spend have been switching over to a joint bank account.  We just thought it was a case my name would be put onto his bank account. Of course not!. They opened up a whole new bank account. We then had to switch all the direct debits over to the new account. They then said we could not have an overdraft. Not that we want one, but untill we sort ourselves out we need one.  We are still sorting bits out now!.  My emergency pot is empty. I think sometimes I get frustrated as I have such good intentions for us as a family.  Yet the cost of living is so high and sometimes it is hard to catch up with ourselves.  Apart from an odd carvery meal a couple of times a year. We are not a spendy family.  I would like to see my emergency fund start & perhaps grow!.I think that is the thing as a family we do not have loads to throw at savings etc and I get frustrated at the slowness. Or how I start a fund only for it to get used on something else that we need. I am doing a little cleaning job once a week for 3 hours which is good.  I do want to work more eventually but as you know need to sort myself out & feel better.  I went for the consultation at the Cbt place & will meet who I will be working with on the 30th of this month.  I always felt I should be able to sort things out myself. But no I am asking for help this time.  DD stayed the other night and was easy to be around. Sometimes if I think to hard it is a surreal situation not having my DD at home ,where she should be.  At the moment things are good even though we are living apart. Of course it does feel odd at times & if I am having a sad day I feel that she does not love her mum & dad. But I guess I am using the time to gather strength & make a start at healing my mind.           

I am still having a few problems leaving comments on blogs. I do not really understand why but I am sure it is something to do with settings.  Blessed Life blog I cant seem to leave a comment on your blog. But wanted you to know I am thinking of you x x.
Other blogs If I havent been on your blog & left a comment it is because I cant get on. Its a bit frustrating as I miss leaving comments.  I am there honestly!. It feels like stopping by without saying hello!. 

My Mini Goals Monday
  • Make sure I keep my 5 a day fruit & veg up. 
  • Keep my spending diary up(failed miserably)
  • List a few things on ebay
  • Read a few pages of my new book
  • Do my pilates dvd twice this week
  • Check on our online banking play, around with figures
Sold something on ebay for £9.99 which is what we paid for it anyway so got money back .
Also sold a mens shirt that I bought at a car boot sale for £2.00 that went for £18.76( was very surprised & pleased). I did buy the shirt for Mr No Spend but it was far to big for him.   

This is what I am reading(only just started) my mum bought it in the charity shop passed it on to my sister who has read it & now it is passed on to me. I really wanted to see this film at the cinema. I will read maybe 5 - 10 pages a day. It will take me a while to read!


    1. Glad your ok hun and getting on well with your eating. I have yet to reface the dreaded scales but will at some stage this week.

      X x

    2. Congrats on doing so well with your healthy eating!! :) Good for you! I've done the same with chocolate, foolish woman that I am! lol! Good luck with your goals & enjoy "The Help"! It's a fabulous book! I read it in 2 days flat! Couldn't put it down!!

    3. Hi No Spend Days, keep at it and I'm sure your funds will slowly grow. Glad things are going well with your daughter. It will all take time. I've finally gotten on the healthy eating wagon. The hard bits staying on it!

      Take care, Karen x

    4. So happy to see your blog when I came on this morning, I have missed you..gee life is just so hard so often it is a wonder we are all not stir crazy!Thank you for thinking of me,seems many people are having blog problems and it seems that is it Bloggers fault so hope they sort it out soon..
      Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts as mine are with you on your journey,glad you had a nice night with DD one day it will be like that all the time..we are not super people and there is no shame in getting help,you take all the help you can get to get through so you can find peace and contentment and mostly hope,finances are shockingly invasive in our lives but in the real light of day,it is just money it is matters of the heart that give us the most angst and you will soon be on the road to fixing them..be blessed sweetie and have a lovely day.xx

    5. Oh, I have that book and it's at the top of the pile to read.

      Good to have a catch up from you!

      Take care

      Sft x

    6. I know exactly what you mean - we managed to save some money at the beginning of the month and thought it would be handy as an emergency fund and then lo and behold 2 new tyres for one car and a new clutch and gear box bearing for the other just about wipes us out! Oh well soon be payday I'll start again - Just sooo fustrating - good to hear from - missed your posts xxx

    7. Oh yes "The Help" is brilliant, I loved reading it, haven't seen the film yet, hope it lives up to the book.



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