Monday, 8 April 2013

Been busy!

Well where shall I start!.  We had been talking a while me & Mr No Spend about selling our home. Well to cut a long story short we sold our bungalow which is in a quiet residential area , good local schools etc. Popular with families & elderly. It is We had an open hour ( 2 hours!). Thirty Six viewers in that space of time & 2 offers.  One for the full asking price to!. We accepted the full asking price from a nice older couple.  Anyway we had a talk about what we wanted to do ( it is still early days & as anyone knows chains break , fingers crossed).  Our main things are
  •  Mortgage freedom - The thought of having no mortgage is a strong pull.  If we sell for the asking price we will be able to have no mortgage & have some money to pay car loan off (£5000) & have some money in the bank as an emergency fund
  • Location - Currently where we live is close to DS school. It is very very quiet up my road!. I am not complaining.  In the daytime if you are in you would have 4 - 5 miles to see some civilization.  Of course there are more local shops & cafes (2) .  I find living further out it is harder for me to get motivated as its a bit like living in a sleepy village!  I yearn for more hustle & bustle. 
  • Simple living  - Our needs have changed.  We are different to how we were when we were starting out .  We are not as spendy & not trying to accumulate stuff! The opposite less is more
We have found a lovely flat across the road from the seafront (the picture above is the view!). The floor space is bigger than our bungalow!.  It has concrete floors that was a must for us as we could not be doing with creaking floors.  It is on the top floor there is only ground, first & second.  The thing I love is it has a balcony where I can fit a table & chairs. I can see the beach huts & the sea rolling in. cannot wait to do some storm watching ( sun first please !). the next best thing is its twenty minutes away from my mum & dads house.  At the moment I am a good 1 - 2 hours away from them by bus.  Mum & dad are in there seventies now & I would like to be closer incase needs arise. The only draw back is it is further from sons school but we have that all worked out.  I will lose garage rental income & will not be doing my ironing service (Yay!!!) .  I have been doing ironing as my main source of income for over a year & it has made my arm ache so happy to stop doing it.  I will find work out in the new area & concentrate on ebay.
Looking forward to sea air & getting out and about & new beginnings.  Hopefully the sea will make me walk more & be good for those endorphins( there is no lift at this flat so hopefully be fitter !! .  I wish I would not get too excited . I am scared to! Anyone would think I was moving continents! the way I go on. I am leaving my good sweet neighbours that I love dearly. I will see them still but they have been the best. xx


  1. This is all so exciting! Mortgage freedom looms and what a great location for your new home.

    Sft x

  2. Wow!good for you and fab view.
    FIB? X

  3. It sounds like a real adventure hun and very exciting, even if a little nerve racking.

    Good luck with it all.

    X x

  4. Such exciting news! I think it's only natural to be scared too ( I was when I moved as we'd been in the old place for 19 years). Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.x

  5. Fingers crossed for you! How amazing! x

    I'm like you would love to live somewhere with more hustle and bustle! Are you renting or buying the flat?



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