Thursday, 21 March 2013

Summer Clothes & mix & match outfit!!

I woke up to an overcast grey morning .  Days like this we all yearn for sunshine!.  I pulled my summer clothes out. I like the brightness the polka dot ,the floral, the tangerine & nautical stripes & not forgetting the bright yellowness!. I cannot wait to wear my skirts & feel the summer breeze & sun on my skin. I think I will hang the summer bits in my wardrobe now just to remind me, like a gentle reminder to let me know!
My jazzy gold pumps &  stripy socks
I wore this print skirt with my leggings underneath! & a cream lacy style top with a peter pan collar.  I said to my husband " does this look ok?" he chuckled & said " well its bright".  I went out today in a mix & match bright outfit. I chucked to myself to, as I know its a bit mix & match!.  I did it in the name of brightening up a grey day!.  Do you have a favourite colour that instantly cheers you up?. I love tangerine orange, red, white & apple green & not forgetting stripes & polka dots......!
Mr no spend is off half this week. He want to relax more than anything.  We went swimming yesterday I did 47 lengths (its only a small pool!). I also went swimming on Monday. I love swimming . I do the breast stroke & doggy paddle. It has helped my bad back no ends. Anyone who suffers with reoccurring back ache should start swimming.It really has done the trick & that's why I keep it up.



  1. I like yellow, not to wear but just as a bright colour. I like aqua blue to wear but anything that gets the summer here quicker is fine by me!

  2. This is such a brilliant idea! I like bright blues too.

    Oh, how I wish for Spring to arrive!

    I am so impressed with your swimming.

    Sft x

  3. Good on you! I love bright colours and often rock up to work so much brighter than anyone else.

    Well done on your lengths, get you! enjoy your rest together.

    X x



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