Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Monday ....

Today I went swimming in the morning. Did my 52 lengths (small lengths!). The pool was quiet only two of us in there.  Went & did my after swim ritual shampoo/conditioner/lime shower gel & a nice slather of body lotion. I felt squeaky clean!

Spending for today

Raspberry still water x 4 pack                                           £3.96
Lucozade Revive Lemon grass & ginger 4 pack
Big bottle of Ribena
3 x bottles of oasis

Bus fare                                                                            £2.30

Sunflower spread                                                               £5.59
Nutty Superfood salad & apple,celery & walnut salad
4 pint semi skimmed milk

I Bought the drinks in the pound shop as you get so much more for your money.  I usually have my sports bottle filled with water . Mr No Spend likes a few drinks in the fridge. I think I have touched on this before that Mr No Spend is not always No Spend!
Later on when I got home my sweet neighbour knocked on my front door with a lovely little heart tin with a white musk solid perfume inside (looks like lip gloss but not!) Smells lovely.  She asked if I wanted anything from M&S which I did so I went along for the ride and got my bits.  I bought a lovely couple of salads.  I do need to learn to make a salad, as tasty as an M&S one especially the superfood one.
I made a date slice as am having a few friends over for a coffee morning tmrow & I had some dates that had gone a bit tough & chewy so date slice was the ideal choice!. I am very proud I didn't even try it!. I will have to take their word or see by the look on their faces (good I hope!!). I gave the place a good spruce up & hoovered up a few cobwebs ( hangs head in shame that they had even formed!). I don't live in a haunted cobweb house honest!.
Going to watch broadchurch tonight too!..

Food for today
apple,celery & walnut salad
pear yoghurt with a few flaked almond on top
8 dried apricots & 1 babybel
4 small roast potatoes,carrots, broccoli & a chicken
Managed to stick to 2 cups of tea &  managed 1 litre of water today



  1. Hello Mrs No Spend
    I'm terrible with cobwebs. I see them and could clean them but I just can't because I don't want to destroy the spiders means of getting food lol. I never kill spiders or evict them either. I'm just too soft.

    Lovely healthy meals today. Well done on sticking to your fluid challenge today.
    Karen x

    1. Hi Karen
      My spiders have to be evicted. I will not harm them though. I would feel far to guilty!.
      You are too kind especially to leave them their web!! x

  2. Well done on your swimming and healthy food. I am impressed.

    Sft x



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