Sunday, 14 April 2013

30 ways to save a pound....

Thank you to .  I have done this as this lovely lady on this blog mentioned it on a blog post. Take a look at  It is quite hard actually putting it down! 

1. Instead of catching a bus home, walk home & save at least £2.00 if not more.
2. Use orange Wednesdays for the cinema (buy one get one free) & save one full price!
3. Shop for clothes at car boot sales
4. Use your local free cycle group
5. Check local colleges & hair dressers to see if they need a hair model, these can be free or considerably cheaper than paying full price as done by trainees
6. Check out your local health clubs for free trial days
7. Some beauty places also operate with a system if you introduce 3 new friends you will get a free treatment i.e. manicure.
8. When purchasing make up buy stuff on the 3 for 2 offers
9. Don't buy into big brand names try one down ; why pay for a brand name?
10. Take a pack lunch out with you when your going to work or on a day out instead of eating out
11. Book days out in advance as you can save money for prior booking
12. Buy a sports bottle & fill it with water instead of buying a bottle of water/drinks each day
13. Instead of paying to park close to your local city centre, park on the outskirts & walk the little distance
14. Join the library to have access to free books & internet
15. Do your weekly food shop late at night when food items are most likely to be reduced - they are a fraction of their price!
16. Evaluate your spending every so often to work out which things are essential & non essential
17. Keep a spending diary to make you more aware of your expenditure
18. Take advantage of when local eateries do special deals for an example dominoes on Tuesday have a policy where it is buy one pizza get one free. Do your research!
19. Travel off peak instead of during peak hours to save yourself considerable amounts of money
20. Withdraw money from actual bank atms to avoid unwanted surplus charges for an example my local convenience shop charges £2.00 to withdraw money!
21. Bulk buy things as this can be considerably cheaper than buying them individually (only if you need them!)
22. Have a loyalty card for when you buy petrol & look around at different outlets for cheapest price
23. Clip coupons & print coupons from the internet
24. Go to a clothes swish (like a swap shop) you could arrange a night in with your girls & have one..
25. Only put the heating on when absolutely necessary, make use of blankets & wooly socks
26. Having showers uses a lot less water than baths so instead of having a bath daily reduce it to a shower? Save money on your water bill! Also if its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down (that's the toilet!)
27. Plan your meals in advance & batch cook, get a big chalk board & write it all on there
28. When eating out have table water instead of drinks or lime & soda as usually around 30p
29. Sell unwanted things on ebay such as outgrown kids clothes
30. Use money saving expert & money supermarket


  1. Just nipping in to say hi. Going to have a poke around and see what's what.

  2. Nipping back to say I appreciate you mentioning this to me (just in case you don't read the reply I made to your comment earlier).



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