Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Mini Goals

Healthy Eating - Fail
I failed miserably at my goals.  I didn't keep a track of what I was eating whatsoever. I ended up eating too much chocolate & as we ran down the freezer the food choice was limited.  The scenario ran out of so many things. A birthday etc , pissed off etc

Tea drinking - Fail 
I ended up drinking way too many teas. The reason I cut back on tea was that I do have issues with anxiety. I  read lots of places to cut back on the caffeine as it can add to the anxiety even more. 
Water Drinking - Fail
Managed 1 litre on a few days

Tracking Spending - Fail
Managed one day . 

I don't seem to be very good at tracking anything. I do think tracking does make you more accountable as if you write something down it is written down!

Sometimes I wonder why I blog too. I look at my blog and think who on earth would want to read any ramblings on from me.  Think I am having one of those days. So much for my positive affirmations eh!.  I look at my blog and think gosh it sounds dull.  Its hard getting the balance of what to share & what not to share. 
I don't know ............


  1. I seem to read two types of blogs - one where the person is wonderful, everything is splendid, there's always cash for an iced bun or frothy coffee and craft projects always get finished. They're generally beautiful, quirky and all that stuff.

    Then there are the other blogs where people run out of things, don't always label things when they go into the freezer, have an empty purse sometimes out and make wonky cakes. They're not always beautiful but they do help other folk to think "not just me then *phew*" and throw up more giggles than the "life is peachy" ones.

    Blog or don't blog, that's up to you but we all deal with the mundane and being able to nosey in on how others deal with that stuff is always interesting.

  2. I am in no 2!. I think sometimes I want to pretend I am not me, if that makes sense! Or learn to cope with things better
    Ps enjoyed your comment x

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself - we're all human and life's tough sometimes - all you can do is to keep on trying and you'll get there or as near as possible one day and I enjoy your blog too xxx

  4. Hello! I'm here reading your blog and finding it interesting. I find it hard to stick to my goals too, but we keep on trying and that is what counts.

    Have you tried decaf tea? The doc told me to cut down on caffeine last year so I swapped to Tetley decaf and i can hardly tell the difference. I love a big mug of milky tea :)



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