Thursday, 11 April 2013

This week I have placed a few things on ebay . I am shocked with how much postage has jumped up.  I have made some postage errors & ended up being out of pocket.  Before we move we are using the time to really prepare & streamline all our things.  Its a good time really take a look at things. This week I have
  • Sold a pair of roller blades on ebay for £22.
  • Sold my vintage scales for £20.00 ( the postage for these were £16.00 , I did the postage at £15.00 so only £1.00 down.)
  • Sold a t - shirt for £4.99 (cost me £1.00 at car boot sale)
  • Sold a replica vw campervan for £12.70 ( I estimated postage at £5.00 it was £8.00 yikes ggrr)
  • Sold a small sofa for £80.00
  • Sold a black top for £3.99
As I sold quite a few things I topped the emergency fund up by £100.00 .Making it to a nice round number of  £2000. 
I am not sure how long it will stay at that as things pop up but it feels nice for today!.  I still have a few bigger things I would like to sell like a cupboard & some chairs.  Things are being put into a pile for a car boot sale as I go along.  I have given a friend a tent & sleeping bag.  I am sorry to say I need a comfy sleep ! Cant cope with camping ( I am a wimp!).  I do need to track our finances better . I start doing it then forget to keep it up.
How do you keep track of your spending, computer or diary? or other way?


  1. Its aways hard to judge quite what the postage will be, but that said at least it wasn't too bad and a good amount to add to your fund.

    X x

  2. Well done with the ebay sales. I did wonder if the increased postage rates would put people off buying, but from what you've said it doesn't seem to have.

  3. Try " My Hermes " I always courier heavier stuff as Royal Mail have outrageous prices! They're cheaper, you pay from Paypal, print off the label and they collect from you. Much more civilised :-))

  4. Good for you!! Postage costs are insane aren't they! :( At least your EF is up there for now! Enjoy it!

    I track all my spending in a black paper ledger, I find it easier. I'm all about paper & pen. lol!

  5. I track my spending in an old fashioned cash book and then enter on a spreadsheet. I compare it against my online banking statement to make sure I've not missed anything.

  6. Congrats on the £2k e fund! Yay!

    Postage rates are ridiculous now. I would have a look at other firms too - especially for larger items.

    I track my spending on my phone app.



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