Friday, 19 April 2013

Lovely swim

Today I went for a lovely swim. It was lovely & heated in the pool.  I pay a monthly membership which is £42.00.  I try and go at least twice a week, occasionally three times.  I didn't go for a fortnight so very cross with myself.   I blame the cold weather and the thought of coming out in to the cold air was too much!.  I am happy to pay this monthly membership with no tie in as it is my luxury & wellbeing.  Not to mention it has strengthened my back muscles swimming & I no longer seem to get that bad back I always used to get before.  Think the ironing was not helping. But no this swimming has helped.  To me that is therapy!  After I went swimming I went shopping & bought a lovely sunhat for £4.00!. Here I am in my sunhat! .
I bought a lovely  navy blue polka dot purse for £4.00 which I needed as my other purse was tatty & dog eared & had gone saggy . My bank cards kept sliding out

I have all my loyalty cards on one side ie  superdrug, boots, costa coffee, co op ,waitrose etc. My important bank cards on the other side. It has a safe place for coins & notes very secure too! . On the front there is a little zip bit. I usually keep two paracetemol in my purse. I usually cut them off from the pack.  Saves having to buy them If you are out somewhere & need one.  Luckily I do not get many headaches thankfully. 
I also went to the pound shops & bought a small shampoo & conditioner. I like to take full advantage of the showers at the swimming pool. These ones have 0% parabans in them.  I like to get the chlorine out of my hair.
 I popped into M&S & got my favourite super food nutty salad its delicious, has a real nutty flavour.  I also bought a seeded roll In M&S on its own toasted it & had some cream cheese on it.  A lovely cup of tea & a small piece of coffee cake. I am trying to exercise control round sweeter things. I find that if I tell myself I cant have something I crave it even more. So am trying to be controlled & sensible

I tried my new make - up out too.  They were doing if you spent over £12.00 you got a Bourjois blush pot free. My lipstick was £7.99 a lovely rouge colour to pucker those lips ups! A soft light gold eyeshadow £6.99, blush would have cost £7.49. Total was £14.98 for my 3 things.  I have bought cheaper cosmetics before & found that the blushers just break up and crack.  I love Aldi mascara. These will last me probably about a year!. I know there are cheaper cosmetics but I do like Bourjois.  I like to be careful with money but equally I like to buy things that I like & will use.  I go through stages where I spend nothing but equally sometimes I do like to buy a few things for myself. I bought Mr No Spend 2 packs of rice!  I sometimes feel guilty buying myself things too! & I know I shouldn't!
 Do you have an item or something you like to splurge on occasionally?! Please tell....! 


  1. I love to splurge on Weleda sea buckthorn showergel, gorgeous smell and lovely on my skin.

  2. Love the hat! :) Fabric is my weakness... ;) lol



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