Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thank You

Carboot £3.00
I just wanted to say thank you for coming on over. I am not quite sure what I did wrong!. So on this blog I will not be messing about with templates etc!.  I ended up going to the car boot sale on sunday (hangs head in shame!). I purchased an "   Easiyo yogurt maker ". For the princely sum of £3.00. I walked past it a few times!.
 It came with the silvery looking flask, the inner canister(the one in my hands I am shaking), a couple of recipe & idea books too.  I had to purchase the easiyo sachet powder mixes they come in all different flavours. I picked banana,cherry & apricot. They usually cost £2.99 a bag and make 1 kg of yogurt ( so basically about 8 shop size yogurts for £2.99) I usually buy Activia on special offer 8 for £2.99 so its not saving me any money cost wise. The best difference is that it has billions of live good bacteria. I purchased them in a shop called Julian Graves on special offer £1.99 each.  The whole procedure is fool proof(it does need to be for me!).  You fill your canister up with water not all the way to the top to start with. Tip your sachet in, the whole sachet and give it a really really good shake.  When you have finished shaking top the water up to the maximum mark. Give it one more shake .  Your kettle will have just finished boiling !. Pour the boiling water into the  big silver looking flask up to the line which is just above this thing contained inside called a battle(i think). Then pop the canister in and push it down the boiling water will be round the outside of the canister. Pop the lid on. I did mine at 8 o clock in the evening & you leave it out. It does its magic & when I woke up at 6 o clock in the morning. I checked it and it was all nice and set. I then took the inside canister out and placed that in the fridge to firm up even further. You leave it out overnight as this helps it all activate. I had the most lovely tasting creamy yogurt & I spinkled it with crushed almonds.  Now as I think this could be made cheap I went on the MSE website & there is a recipe for yogurt where they use milk, dried milk & a small active yogurt as a starter. I think the MSE way it worked out much more cheaply.  Next time when I have used my sachets , I will try the cheaper method!.  I gave my son some as he has just finished a course of  antibiotics. I will experiment with it. !

Shake it!

Also thank you to 101 challenge . I won the prize draw!. A lovely little surprise Thank you to Mrs Piggy Bank for putting out an sos for me!. Also thank you to Laura from No more spending . I got my smear test result the other day it showed a borderline result. I have to wait till February to have another one. In the leaflet it says it may go back to normal by itself. I hope so. If not I guess at least I am on to it.  I guess if it was really serious I would be in right away. So  to anyone who has not been please go for one and get on top of things. Chances are it will be fine. If not you are on to it. xx

Lived up to my blog name for today & had a "No Spend day!"

Sold an item on ebay for £50.00 it was a computer monitor as we just use a laptop now.



  1. I have an easi-yo maker but never buy the powders.
    I use the MSE recipe & tweek it as I need to, then add jam or honey ect after it's made. Only put the honey as you are about to eat it as the honey will affect the set.

  2. Congrats on your easi-yo maker!

    And I've enjoyed your first post very much.

    Thanks for your address. Your prize is going in the post tomorrow!

    Sft x

  3. I found you! Yay!! lol! I feel your pain on the blog frustrations!!! :/ Still bummed about losing mine! Anyways, my mom used to make homemade yogurt all the time when I was a kid & I loved it! That's a great find!!

    I added you to my blogroll! :) Have a great day!!

  4. Something that might help with your no spend days is......

    Various heritage sites across the UK have chosen to open their doors to the public free of charge during September (the dates vary with some starting on 2 September) and there really does seem to be a wide range including churches, galleries, country houses, castles and civic building such as courts, police and fire stations.



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