Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday musings!

I hope I will be more organised now on this blog. I have settled in to my new blog home!.  I am going to start tracking my total spend for the week using my spending diary tab(located above!). I did not manage to track my spends last week. I must admit I will find more time when the Miss no spend & master no spend go back to school!.  Master no spend has a birthday (his birthday)early september.  I find it easier to be on track of spending when they are back at school to.

Spent today £1.40 milk

Ebay money earnt(extra income)
Sold swim shorts £1.99
Vest top £2.99
T-shirt £8.50

I have also put septembers money in to its departments!
£100.00 into long term savings
£25.00 into emergency fund
£25.00 into holiday fund

New totals
£200.00 Long term savings
£50.00 Emergency Fund
£50.00 Holiday fund

I am not overdrawn in my current account which is good & have money to pay the direct debits. Where as usually I would be using my overdraft for direct debits chasing my tail each month.  So the first time in a long long term I have money for them & a little buffer in the current account to.

I have also put. 12 things on ebay fingers crossed 

1 comment:

  1. the overdraft was the first thing we got rid of when we started repaying our debt. Its good not to go overdrawn, little bit of happiness :-)



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