Thursday, 25 August 2011

One mans junk is another mans treasure!(womans really!)

On thursdays I do a little 2 hour local cleaning job. I just manage to get it done in 2 hours as well!. Its like doing a workout. It is for a couple of girls they are a bit messy! & untidy.  Anyway went to empty the rubbish out in the bathroom bin & thrown away were this lot. Most of them were 3 quarters or half full , apart from one that was about a quarter full. I guess they did not suit there hair type!.  I am not blonde more of a golden/dark brown. I am sure my hair will not mind!. As they were in the bin I thought I would dispose of them at my house!Waste not want not. I guess I have been a bit of a freegan today!
What have you done in the name of money saving thats been cheeky!?
101 challenge was talking about not buying more things till all her stash are used up. I will be doing the same as have far far to much. Especially as I went to those bodyshop charity days & ended up with more stuff. I think I will do an inventory at some point!

Spent today £1.40 on milk


  1. I have gots loads of stuff to use up, i am slowly making my way through it

  2. I'm horrified that people throw this sort of stuff yes use it up :):)

  3. Hi found you through SFT, I cant believe the things some people through away ,what a waste, great find for you though.My mum recently had a good sort out and brought a bag full of hair & body products over that she was no longer using,lovely!juliexxxxx

  4. No spend days-you are a hero, I would have taken it too!

    I can't help it now, if I see a skip or bin, I look in it!

    Ok brace yourself for this one! A bit of a confession:

    We went youth hostelling in Cornwall one year. The Hostel was full, especially of posh students who go to St. Ives in Fancy Dress to celebrate New Years Eve.
    Well on New Year's Day it was completely empty, everyone had gone except Mr Sft and myself. The staff were all having the day off too. When we finally went down to the kitchen to get ourselves something to eat we were amazed.

    Brand new, unopened food, all 'Taste the Difference' from Sainsburys, was left in bags by the bin. The posh students had obviously bought loads of stuff and couldn't be bothered to take it home again.

    Yes we did take it and it was lovely. Waste not, want not!

    Sft x

  5. Congratulations to you both, it must be a nice warm in the tummy feeling to know you are so close to being mortgage free.
    I am glad you found some free posh nosh. I would have done the same too!Waste not want not.
    I have booked a tour of the sewers! Hopefully it wont be a load of *hit (pun intended!). Should be interesting?!



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