Thursday, 14 March 2013


Today I woke up a bit to early.I seem to always wake far to early 4.30 usually!.  I was feeling a bit glum at one point in the morning . So I forced myself  to go for a walk. I did not want to!. Anyway near to where I live I took the dog walking trail. I skidded twice through the sloppy mud(did not land on my bottom though, very nearly though!) 

I walked and walked.I managed to be gone for an hour .  Sometimes the things we know we should do that would help us are the very things that are hard to get started or even do.  I should embrace the fact that I am able to just get up & go for a walk.  Mental health can have such a hold over people & things that are nothing to think about for some people are huge things for
others.  I try not to think to far ahead & take little steps.
Lunch today was rocket salad,cucumber,cherry tomatoes, falafels a dollup of houmous & sprinkled with sunflower seeds. It tasted good & I like that it was good clean whole food.  Other things I am doing at the moment are cutting down on drinking tea/coffee as think it probably does not help anxiety . I have done this before & find my dark circles are not so prominent when I cut down to 2 a day (as opposed 6 - 8). I would love to lose 16 lbs in weight to take me to my healthy body mass index to. In time for summer time to! I am still carrying round that stoneI tried to lose last year!
Do you have any ideas for healthy daytime lunches? I am trying to steer clear of sandwitches as I fed up with bread
I will be attempting to keep a food diary blog (link below!)


  1. Hello, I think if you have a lovely long walk when you are feeling down it can really lift your spirits. I dont get as much chance as I would like but am intending to walk to work more (about 3 miles but can only do it when the weather is fine). I hope it will help shed a few pounds too. Lunches is a tricky one, I get bored with sandwiches but am into jacket potatoes at the moment.Add baked beans and a healthy but not too fattening lunch!

  2. Hi,

    How about some homemade soup? I like butternut squash and sweet potato, very filling too. Rice salad with chopped peppers, sweet corn, spring onion or some chicken pieces on skewers with sweet chilli sauce. I am making myself hungry now.
    I would love to lose a stone too, no willpower me but am going to do it this year!

    Good luck
    Sarah x

  3. I found that giving up bread and sweets helped a lot for a 3kg loss over a few weeks,very slow But hope it stays off.Also I need to walk I think the first steps are the hardest and have told myself I must start each day.I have also stopped eating potatoes and I love them but just these couple of changes a smaller serve of meat and extra yellow and green veg and salads on the nice days .Winter is coming soon so i will have to be careful of hearty soups as they are full of kilo's.
    Lunch is for me crackers and light cheese and some fruit.I think it is the hardest meal to find dinner is easy and breakfast I have a shake as i find it hard to eat food early before work.

  4. Your doing the best thing for your mental health problem by going for daily walks. Getting out of the house in the fresh air and daylight is proven to help depression. It was a beautiful sunny morning here when I took the dog for his walk and it made me smile walking and having to squint because the sun was dazzling me. Really lifted my spirits.

    I love to stir fry some veggies and add some cooked noodles and just sprinkle on some soy sauce for lunch.

    Karen x

  5. I too was going to say soup, especially at this time of year. Homemade soup is always si much tastier too.

    Walking is not only great exercise but also a great way to clear your head I find. Especially if you take the camera with you.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    X x



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