Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy Bunny

I am going to make you a "Happy Bunny!". I was reading that nice mans website you know the one who is an expert with money! guessed yet!  . Apparantly if you go to the body shop & pick an item (sale stuff not included) You get £3.00 off & it does not mention a minimum spend, it was an offer to do with a newspaper & you do not need the paper voucher. Just say "Happy Bunny".  I did ask first that they were doing it!. Just incase I hopped up to the counter like a complete idiot & they did not know what I was on about!

The soap was £2.00 coconut (yummy!) and a nice lip balm £2.00 .   Grand total £1.00.   Also on the bottom of the receipt you get £10.00 0ff a £25.00  spend in Bodyshop, will probably pass that on. As I do not go in Body Shop very often to justify a big spend.  It only works instore.  Promise me you will hop to it!! 

I then went in to Boots as I was running out of my Toner.I had been using a Boots Botanicals toner which was in a spray bottle. I did not like spraying it on my face.I just  could not help quenching my eyes tightly shut & screwing my face up. Like someone was spraying a hose at me!.  I bought a Boots Traditional rosewater & glycerin for £2.32 & used  my advantage card points

I then popped to sainsburys as it was the closest one. Spent £10.32 on this stuff. A pot of Edamame bean & butter bean salad to not pictured as I quaffed it as soon as I got in as was so hungry. I did chop up some tiny little cubes of cheese and sprinkled on top. I was a discrace yesterday on the chocolate front!. So being good today for it!. I also bought 2 coconut showergels.I think they were 2 for £1.20 or  2 for £1.50. I have a thing for shower gel. I use a cinamon one , a vanilla one & love anything gingery or lime flavoured!.  I had run out of coconut shower gel. It goes perfectly with that soap.
Today I went on a open morning with a view to do a few hours volunteer work. The volunteer work willlead to accredited training which you undertake first.  Of course eventually I would like a real paid position, but hey experience needs to be gained first.It is a community role & would involve helping members of the community access services, & give advice as well as goal setting (think it would help me to!!) The kind lady reimbursed my bus ticket of £4.40 as well.With volunteer roles expenses like that can be paid for.  As you know I do ironing from home & it has & still does suit me but I would like to go fourth on to something that is more with people. I love to help people & feel I can as I know how low & alone I felt .I So want to give something back.  I always think if I won the lottery I would help so many people & it would be great as I would volunteer all the time & give my time freely as my time would not need to have a monetary value on it with regards to bills & stuff. I think Mr No Spend is a sweetie but he does despair of me ! as in his eyes he thinks just bread & butter earnings should be coming in. I bring in with the ironing jobs.  But want something more forfilling eventually.
Gosh I have gone on. Dont see me for months then I dont shut up!!! xxxxxx


  1. Hello, I just popped over to let you know i always read your blog,your last one i thought i had written it almost! I feel so similar to you,i wrote a long comment last blog then lost it! I can see your sence of humour is in tact so bright days ahead for us both I hope.lovely to see you blogging again,like an old friend catching up.

  2. You got some good bargains and it made me smile imagining you going to the till saying Happy Bunny and the assistant looking at you saying 'What????' if the offer was not true lol. Thankfully it was genuine.

  3. Great bargain. Made me laugh thinking of an assistant looking at you as you say "happy bunny!" lol

    X x



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