Monday, 11 March 2013

Muesli & Affirmations!

I hope all mums had a lovely mothers day.  DD gave me 3 x bags of posh muesli . I did request for DD not to worry .  DD rang me from M&S & said she was stuck at picking me something.  So I said muesli!. I was very spoilt 3 bags full!.  Posher than the usual muesli I would buy.  But I do love it. DS got me lots of chocolate !. We quaffed that at the cinema.  Film was very sweet. In the evening we had steak & chips & grilled tomatoes.

Something I struggle with is low mood , anxiety & low motivation. I have suffered with it on & off for quite a few years.   So for quite a while I have just let certain things go.
I did not want to stop blogging but I just did not have it in me. I felt quite blank.   I am taking positive baby steps to try & pick myself up.  I sometimes wonder what makes some people different , we are all different. Some people can just get on with things & cope with life.  With DD I am trying to move forward even though situation is not the most normal.  Lots of ruminating comes into it, & lots of questions like could I have dealt with the ups & downs better.  But there are always going to be ifs, buts & whys.  I know we are a good family & that was not enough. But now we/I have to dust ourselves off & make the best of the situation the way it is.  I have to stop beating myself up . I am not a perfectionist but sometimes its hard getting your headround things.
In a bid to start being more positive ( like a little therapy for myself!). I have been reading about affirmations.  I made myself  some positive affirmation cards. The idea is that you say them aloud to yourself say ie each morning.  You have to say it with passion & conviction!(like you beleive what you are saying, you can say it to yourself in the mirror if you like). I picked some things like
  • I allow myself to feel happiness & joy for no reason at all. Simply because I deserve it
  • Every day I eat healthier & healthier
  • I always take time to exercise
  • I ask for help. I tell life what I want & then allow it to happen
  • I love to focus on the good things in my life & I love that doing this brings me more blessings
If you are finding it hard to believe what you are saying ,then it will help if you can visualize what you are saying.  A lot of websites say it is good to keep them up all the time, a way of life. Some say 30 days at least as thats how long it takes to form a habbit.  Morning is a good time to say them. I made my ones with little pictures on the cards.  I am doing it as I have become negative & flat.  I am doing it as I want it to be a positive start. As a way to start noticing the smaller things that may go unoticed so it becomes easier like snowdrops popping up.  I think I need to give up watching & reading the news for a while as there seems to be so much sadness/disaster. I like to know what is going on but need to work on my mind.
Do you doing anything like this?,or do you have any good ideas /tips?.  I thought I would give it a go .  Think I am being a bit cosmic this Monday! Would love to here your ideas & a warm thank you for your comments


  1. It's good to see you back blogging again, and to hear that you are trying to be kinder to yourself. Have you looked into mindfulness? There's an awful lot out there about it. I was introduced to it by the psychologist I saw after the diagnosis of the heart condition, and it was used by the pain management service at the hospital. I found this during a quick read of Wikipedia -
    Jain and Shapiro (2007)[23] conducted a study to show that mindfulness meditation may be specific in its ability to “reduce distractive and ruminative thoughts and behaviours”, which may provide a “unique mechanism by which mindfulness meditation reduces distress”.

    It might just be worth looking into.

  2. So glad to see that you had a nice Mother's Day! Ours isn't until May here in Canada! :)

    As for the news, I NEVER read it or watch it... if people think i'm ignorant, so be it. It tends to consume me and I worry and stress over all the horrible things in the world. I'm prone to anxiety attacks, but try so very hard to *always* look on the bright side and keep the faith! It's a slow, ongoing process, but it's very achievable I think! :)

  3. I'm going to make 2 boards. I showing things I have enjoyed so far in 2013 and I showing what I'd like to achieve.

    Visualization like this has helped in the past when my blogging has dried up.

    Sft x

  4. What a lovely mothers day gift. Practical and a treat.

    Well done on the positivity too.

    X x



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