Friday, 17 February 2012

Slack Blogger

I have been a slack blogger lately.  This cold snap of weather has made my healthy eating go a bit awol. No weight loss!.  I am managing to do my pilates dvd a couple of times a week. I can certainly feel it. Its amazing after not exercising how much I ache the day after. 
I have managed to put £200.00 into the emergency fund so far for this year.  That was made up of £160.00 for januarys & Februarys garage rental. We rent our garage out for £20.00 a week. I am so glad we decluttered well & our garge was empty to enable us to rent it out. I also popped £30.00 from my cleaning job money in & £10.00 from my little ironing number!. Its a start.  I like my little cleaning job & I am enjoying doing the odd ironing job. I would like to do some more ironing jobs & I will look into doing a few more
Ebay selling is going ok . All money from this is going to save up for a holiday break later on in the year.  Its nice seeing the money in paypal going up.
The SFT Sealed Pot Challenge - Mr No Spend & I are throwing our 20p peices in.  We do not actually seem to get that many!. Still what we do get in 20 pence peices is thrown in.  This will be uses towards our holiday break later on in the year.
Mr No Spend & I share the joint bank account & for the first time it is not overdrawn. We sill have to be carefull as the bills & food do make it dwindle down quickly. We need to build a buffer up.
Realistic - Looking back at my new years resolutions one of them was to save £3000 for an emergency fund(That is to bigger an aim).  I am going to aim for a Baby step of £500.00 first of all & then if we achieve that we will aim for £1000.00.  I think sometimes I think about trying to save a bigger amount & then it is not realistic upon our incomings coming in.   
I will continue going to see the counselor. Did not go this week because of half term. DD stayed a couple of times.  It seems to be working ok.  I accept it this way & she seems to accept things are this way at the moment. DD still gets up to things that I do not agree with. We do worry that one day that DD may have substance issues.  Maybe she will change. I will not dwell on the negatives. I cannot live her life for her. I try & guide her but it falls on closed ears
I will try & catch up with everyones blog.  xx         


  1. Your doing well.great news about the overdraft.We had our overdraft taken off us 2 years ago.It was hellish at the time but now we dont have one its great to never be overdrawn.

  2. You are doing so well in all directions..even your blog sounds so much more postive,give yourself a great big pat on the back,we do miss you when you are not on but it is lovely to see an entry from you..I do wish you well with everything and DD sounds like her visits have been less turbulent for you,so thats a a start..have a lovely week xx.

  3. So glad your ok and I hope your feeling a little brighter. Your doing fantastically well with your savings and don't stress about no weight loss as your doing fab with your exercise. If its any consolation I've been a terrible blogger of late too. I've just been mega busy.

    X x

  4. I think it's good that you're making a more realistic goal for yourself... I do this too, aim too high then get disappointed that I didn't meet my (unrealistic) goal! lol!

  5. Small steps are the way to go!

    So proud of your emergency fund. Just think another £200 and you'll have reached your £500 total!

    Great news about the sealed pot too!

    Sft x



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