Monday, 13 February 2012


I bought this little blanket box at a car boot sale for £4.00 .  It was green & had a mouldy looking green cushion on top it was not nice. I painted it up bought a foam pad & my lovely neighbour gave me a big square of french fabric & armed with staple gun voila!. I have a home for a few toilet rolls & some towels!
This little cupboard is above my writing bureau. I bought it about a year ago at a car boot sale for £5.00 & painted & distressed it. I also put a natural hessian/calico fabric square on thee front & stuck a tiny starfish on the front.  I quite enjoy painting things sometimes & creating.
I bought 5 packs of Andrex (9 roll packs)45 toilet rolls in total for £10.00 of Amazon found the offer on hot deals!. Apparantly it was a misprint but they honoured it!
I also bought 24 cans of Branston baked beans of Amazon £7.60 including postage. I know sometimes you can catch an offer of 4 tins of beans for a pound in supermarkets. These were delivered. if you look on Amazon groceries you can buy some good offers.
I am still ebaying, & been quite busy as taken on a little ironing job for a lady who has a cleaning business. I did a couple of bags of ironing the other day & got paid £30.00.   There may be some more ironing coming my way. Fingers crossed
I will try & do another post & will try & catch up. x with everyone 


  1. Wow you have been busy and that is good for you...beans ,beans,beans lol they will keep that's the good thing...yu have done a lovely job on your projects...well done...

  2. Good job on the blanket box, I wouldn't know where to start with anything like that.

  3. What good bargains you got, especially with the loo rolls. Good to hear you've got a little job. It all helps. Hope all's well.
    Karen x

  4. The blanket box looks amazing. You are soooo clever!

    Great result on the beans, my favs and I always stock up when they are on offer too.

    Good to hear from you!

    Sft x

  5. That looks really pretty - well done and well done with the bargains too! xx



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