Monday, 3 September 2012


Today sees me doing a bit of decluttering & tidying. I have opened a decluttering tab! On my decluttering tab I am listing all the things that are on route to the charity shop. I did that big car boot sale which was good. I have saved some things for ebay. Some things are still good but not quite good enough for ebay.  I do find car boot sales a lot lot cheaper than charity shops. Some charity shops are on par with new shops & sometimes some of those Primarni (primark)tops are more expensive than they are in primark. I tend to drop my clothing of at the Red Cross shop as all there clothing is always £1.99 an item. I like the fact I am donating to a good cause.As well as the fact a lot of people will not be priced out of buying an item at a reasonable price. I know of other charity shops that mark there goods more reasonable too, and those are the ones that get my goods.  I think that goods should be priced reasonable. I have been shocked at the cost of certain items.
Round where I live about 3 - 4 charity door knockers a week. I have popped up a yellow sticker saying the residents of this property do not want cold callers. Does it stop them no.I must sound like a grinch. These door charity people knock at tea times , 8 or 9 in the evening. They are hoping you sign for a direct debit monthly. I am happy to donate,sponser friends, pop money in charity boxes but I find it a real invasion knocking on my front door. Also we have a lot of elderly in our street & I think sometimes the charity knockers do not let them draw breath to say "No thank you" . I would not want my mum opening her front door in the evening.  GGrrrr rant over!
On with my decluttering   


  1. I agree, it's not really safe to be opening your door to strangers at night! :(

  2. I so have to declutter too. i have about three large ikea style bags full of items to be listed on eBay as well as more stuff for the charity shops. I just need more hours in the day!

    X x

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