Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Curb spending at Car Boot Sales!

I tallied up my spending at car boot boot sales lately & was quite shocked!. One week I spent £17.00 & last week I went to 3 different boot sales & in total spent £53.99!!. Its so hard though I do enjoy going to car boot sales.  Take for instance I bought my son some Addidas Gazelle trainers for £3.00. To say he was over the moon was an understatement.  To buy these they would have been anything from £45. - £55 . Which is probably why he was over the moon as I would not of bought them at the new price!.  Normally my son wears Vans for school.  Personally I do not buy in to names & makes. I am happy to pay for good quality .
Equally I understand my son wants to be like his friends & have things that he is happy to wear.  Also it is better value to me that he likes the things he wears.  One day when he gets to an age where he can earn his own pennies, thats his choice to what he wants to buy.  
He is happy to wear t- shirts, shorts regardless where they are from. I hope I have instilled frugal ways in him!. I know he loves a good car boot sale & has a look in charity shops to.   He knows money stretches further.
Equally though I need to watch how much I spend just because it is cheaper,at a car boot.  I have to ask myself "Do I really need it?".  So I really need to work on this area drastically.  Buying thrifted bits and bobs does save me money. But I guess if i was to carry on spending like that it  would not save money. Have you got any good ideas to make me stop spending at car boot sales?!


  1. You know the reality of it all is that if it is things that are needed and not just wanted there is no problem.I am like that with old china pieces, I just love cups and saucers especially.So now what I do is that if i buy another I get rid of one,that way there is no piling up there are too many here anyway but sometimes that "just one more"is tempting.I guess the best way each time is to ask "do i want it..or do we need it".Have a great day,by the way the shoes were a great buy!

  2. I too have been to Car Boot Sales recently.

    I am delighted with everything I bought but as you say the money spent mounts up.

    So I have decided not to go to any more for a while.

    Just give yourself a little break and don't beat yourself up about it. Imagine the cost if you bought all that stuff new!!!

    Sft x

  3. Hi hun. Just wanted to drop you a line to check you are ok? Missed your posts.


    X x


    Sft x

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