Monday, 28 May 2012

Well Nearly June!

I cannot beleive we are at the half way through the year mark already. Its a good time to review goals.
Our savings fund has gone down to £300.  Mr No Spend & I made a decision  to change our car.
We have a little Renault Clio which we have had since the children were very young about 11 years. Only one of the seats would work when you needed to pull it forward to let someone sit in the back. It needed brake pads doing & 4 new tyres.  Mr No Spend was offered £1250. for the Clio so we had to come up with £600.00 as the car we bought was £1850.  It is still a 2 door & it is a VW & most importantly it has more room in the back.  It is just a runaround & a car. I am glad Mr No Spend is good about cars as I do know some people whos cars would pay of our mortgage!  We had to pay extra to insure it for the year an extra £50.00 & the tax is a little extra. It was nice to be able to use the cash for the difference a bit like when we used cash for the bed.  Mr No Spend did want a different car & had been saying for the past year when I get a different car I might need to get a loan(I am secretly glad no loan!).

Junes Goals
  • Emergency fund is at £300.00 again. My goal is going to be to make it to £500. by the end of June
  • All Ironing money to go in to emergency fund
  • Ebay earnings to be left in paypal to build up for a bit.
  • My weight is at 11st & 9.5 lbs. I have stayed the same & to be honest I have not been trying so I will make it my goal to get to 11st 3lb. This means 7lbs in a month. I am hoping this salad eating weather I can use to my advantage!  
  • To be more organized!. I always strive to do this & struggle
  • As June is a new month & a half year marker to keep better track of finances
Hope you are all ok . I feel like the snail in blogland as I am slow getting round! x x


  1. Lucky you managed to save what you did. At least now you have a reliable car for you and your family.

    Good luck with all you goals for this month. I'm hoping the same with all the salads I'm eating.

    X x

  2. Great that you could get a car and not go into any debt with it, well done. Good luck with this months goals. Hope your keeping well : )

    Karen x

  3. You're doing great!! Good luck with your June goals!! :)



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