Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The suns out !!!

Yesterday I gave my kitchen dresser a once over with some paint.  Most of the colours I use around the home are white,grey,pale blue & linen/ hessian colours. Very calming & easy on the eye.  I like it because it is not fussy or cluttered. I do appreciate some people like a lot more in there house! & I have not always been so minamalist myself so I can totally relate!, to the over extreme.  It was that which led me to declutter.That familiar feeling of searching for a certain peice of paperwork or those wretched keys! .  So I started clearing the clutter & stuff. Did car boot sales, ebay & donated to charity shops. I do spend a lot less time tidying things then what I used to which is good. Also all the stuff with DD going on made me crave a simple home!

Healthy eating went well yesterday. I even resisted the temptation of some muffins that Mr No spend had been given. I dont think I should call him Mr No Spend really. As he is not as frugal as me, well he is & he isnt. Mind you I always have room for improvement in lots of ways

Emergency fund. The emergency fund is boosted upto £540.00 now which I am really pleased about.  This got boosted up as I rent my garage out for £80.00 a month(a bonus of having no clutter!)

Will be back later ....   


  1. I love your kitchen dresser!!! So pretty and clean looking!

  2. Your dresser looks fab hun. I would love less clutter, its just very hard with a messy hubby and a teenage daughter!

    X x

  3. Your dresser looks wonderful...now..I feel I need to do something like this..there is always tomorrow lol..really though I have de cluttered as far out as the back living area,when we painted recently I put much less back in the three bedrooms,now I just have to get it out the back here,but it is my craft area also and I have been giving away all my excess,reading everyones pot on the side I think perhaps maybe I should try to sell some..

  4. I want your dresser! Love it. I also love your chalk board! : )

    Karen x



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