Monday, 7 May 2012

More rain!

Been a funny old week last week. I think this weather grey & rainy is making me disorganized. I set out with good intentions to keep that spending diary to write things in it, did I?. I did not write anything inside it! & I did spend out on different things.
This week we have popped some spare money in to the emergency fund & some of the money I earnt from ironing as well.As well as £50.00 from the paypal money which comes from ebay sales. Emergency fund is sitting at £800.00. Dh brakes will need to be sorted out on the car & we want to purchase the car insurance up front for the year as it works out dearer when paying it by direct debit. So the fund will go down & up!. But hopefully we will get it up to £1000 at some point.
Ebay Sales
  • Sold a vintage camera for £9.99
  • 2 cast iron aga pots £50.00
  • Blouse £2.99
  • Jumper £9.99
I joined Sft side income challenge & have acheived earning £50.00 which went into the emergency fund.
I will see if I can sell some more on ebay this week. I was lucky that the pots I had were worth a few pounds!
Healthy eating?!. Need to try a lot lot harder. As otherwise I will not get in to those skirts I have wanted to get in to for a long long time.
Today I am meeting up with a few friends at one of there houses. It is one of there birthdays. There will be cake! I will post my ebay parcels on the way.  Looks like I will need rainmac & umbrella .
Yesterday hubby & I made 130 sandwiches!. These were made as he has a fundraising event for work. Each year we do this together. It makes you crazy by the end! 
My goals for this week
  • Write in my new spending diary & keep it up
  • Be more aware of portion size & think about what you are about to eat!. Make sure it is not un healthy
  • Cut down internet time
  • Make DS dentist appointment
  • Make Ds asthma review appointment 
  • Using a coloured pen update the home calender with appointments & dates!(been meaning to do that for ages!
  • Start using my filofax that I have neglected
  • Pop some thing on ebay on a 5 day listing to finish on sunday
  • Go to the library
 I finished reading "The Help" at long last. It was really good cannot wait to see the film at some point.  My mum & sister have read this to.  It is my lovely mums birthday soon & I will get her this dvd & then that way we will watch it all together!  Here a few of my favourite bits from the book ! found on you tube


  1. Well done on your savings. I saw the help and it was brilliant x

  2. I really loved 'The Help' but yet to see the film. Congrats on emergency fund!

  3. Your doing really well with your emergency fund.

    Karen X

  4. Well done on your sales and savings.

    X x

  5. I watched the Help movie on boxing day with my Mom and we both cried - great movie, now I want to read the book!

  6. Great news on the Cash on the Side Challenge! Wow!
    Your emergency fund is looking really healthy too.

    I loved reading The Help and will try and see the film too.

    Have a wonderful week. Stay strong!

    Sft x

  7. Another point. You want to pay yearly for your car insurance, make sure you start saving for next year as soon as you have paid for this years insurance. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Nice to know you still look in : ) X

  8. The Help is fantastic, book and film.



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