Saturday, 11 August 2012

Car Boot sale

Today I did a car boot sale with hubby. A few days ago I started doing some sorting out.  In total we made £163.00. We went with a car full & came back with an Ikea bag full & a box full. I took some drinks with us, bananas & a few oranges as snacks. A regular car boot sale I go to charge £2.50 for a cup of tea!, there was no way I would pay that for one out of a plastic cup especially. On the way home we stopped at the orange shop & bought some rolls & sandwich fillers to take home as we were very hungry indeed. It was very warm but breezy.I took my huge sun hat to shield myself from the rays especially being in the same spot for hours. Todays takings will going to the emergency fund as this money will go towards my sons schools holiday to Germany which willcost just under £300.00. We have said no to a few of the school holidays but this one he is really keen to go on.
Emergency fund took a dent for the head gasket as we had to pay £300.00 towards it.
I find that doing a car boot sale is great for decluttering. I love going to car boot sales but I am getting to the stage where I do not want to buy things for the sake of it if they are not needed. I love the green aspect of car boots buying secondhand & at a fraction of the cost.  I enjoy visiting car boots to perhaps I have a car boot addiction.
Weight loss has stayed the same nothing gained & nothing lost! 
Watching the olympics at the moment & in awe of all these aamazing athletes from allround the world
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  1. Well done we are doing one tomorrow to pay for the excess on our insurance as we have had a silent long term leak!

  2. Well done!!!!! whilst you have actually done the sale I am still talking about it! I am decluttering but it is just going into my shed at the moment lol but I shall get there..lovely to see your blog today.

  3. Wow! Awesome job!! I love that they're called "car boot"!

  4. Gosh thats an amazing amount to make, well done. At this rate your emergency fund will soon be up to a great figure.

    Well doen with the weight loss too. No gain is a positive. Mine has been shocking! I need to kick start it again this week.

    x x



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