Monday, 13 August 2012

Car booty

On sunday I went to a car boot sale. I picked up this lovely little lamp. I took a picture of it in the daylight & one in the evening. The light shines through the roses. You touch it and it switches on & off. I paid £5.00 for it was never used.

I popped my other car boot buys on top to show you!. The little dog toy was 50p it reminded me of cath kidstons stanley!.  I bought my sister a suduko book for christmas for 50p it has a velvet flock cover. The rose bracelets were 50p for 3.  The heart drink coasters were 99p.  I bought hubby some Hackett aftershave for 99p. A Homedics massager for £4.00. I bought 2 small flower fairy tins 50 p each which contain a puzzle. I bought these for my elderly neighbour who is in her eighties but loves puzzles,her birthday is soon. They make a lovely little gift. Three rubber stamps christmas ones for £1.00.  A lovely giant Somerset company soap in a tin for £1,00. Cucumber face masque for 25p!.  I bought hubby 2 pairs of shoes £1.50 a pair. He has worn them to work today like new.
A skirt for moi for £2.00. A top for Ds £1.00. A mens M&S lightweight jacket for hubby for £2.00.  Money goes a lot further at a car boot sale. I have a gift basket filled with small gifts that have been bought at car boot sales. 
As I have bought a few things at the boot sale. Ihave decluttered
  1. 4 books
  2. A box of pencils
  3. Thrown a broken tape measure out.

More decluttering coming!


  1. You had a great day shopping!!! love the lamp..well done ..

  2. Love your lamp. It's the type I'd go for. I have not blogged for ages. I don't know why. But, I always look at other bloggs and I always hope I will see yours because I feel like I connect to your blog. Don't know if I can muster up the energy to continue with mine but I hope u continue with yours. I hope things work out eventually for u all.

    Karen xx



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